Window on White, Winner of Unique use of Silk Award 2011 Remarkable Quilt Show, Queenstown.

Deb Donnelly

 Masters in Teaching and Learning

Victoria University Wellington College of Education

Artist, tutor, curator, researcher and ethnographer.

Based on the Kapiti Coast as a New Zealand textile artist, I practice and teach textile design as an independent artist and curator while working part time as senior tutor for Bachelor of Applied Arts – Visual Arts at Whitireia NZ.

My background in art applications;  embroidery, screen print, interior and fashion design businesses together with secondary and tertiary arts education provides a foundation for my teaching. My skill set prepares students to strengthen their visions and the workforce following Visual Arts and Design training in gallery and or arts industry.

Research interests from 2001 include; artefacts as muse: transcultural migrations of clothing diasporas. Using the origins of European and Asian design motifis and textile print and fabric construction in women’s fashion. Specifically looking at Asian garments i.e. kimono wraps and their social and cultural evolution into European contexts. Natural dyes on cloth are an area of development, experiments are made on protein fibres mainly wool and silk and hi tech lasered garments and fibres that communicate ideas about specific cultures and themes. Nearly all the work starts out white or naturally coloured fleece and silk which is later dyed, redyed, de gummed or shibori techniques applied to express my vision and ideas.

“I make art and wearable textiles for contemporary lifestyles and often use a range of traditional materials and techniques. Asia Pasifika design has always been an integral part of my life and practice. The trade name Kiaja is derived from my Kiwi, Japanese and Australian heritage roots.”

White merino and silk wrap, 2011


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