While I’m on the three month Dali arts residency Ive been able to wander across a few platforms in plant dyeing. Located some tea flowers that look like marigold and with a good alum mordant and tannin was able to experiment with kusaki zome plant dye on fabrics. Aka eco prints. 

The local Zhoucheng indigo centre helped  with the final vat dye.

Here are a few results. 

Photo of Xiao Bai head designer and owner at Lanxu centre taken by Boris HK 

Entry to Lanxu

My over dyed coloured felt wool silk butterflies

Rinsing off the indigo. 
Indigo vat dye on poly viscose knit and vintage silk kimono lining.

Marigold tea petals  hanazome on silk georgette using mokugame stitch

Kissed by petals – hana zome

I am wearing a shibori indigo scarf on my second trek on mt cangshan. 

Works at Lanxu centre and stitching Chinese Zha ran

Felt nuno merino wool and silk.

I’m carrying on with local plants as kusaki zome on vintage silks. 

More soon.