It’s September!

 a little difficult to believe spring has actually graced us yet. Signs of daffodils and leaping lambs, pollen all over the car but no let up on sub tropical temperatures. Never mind, all of the indigo vats trialled since August worked well using my Chinese ingredients. Thanks Jun and Amy for venturing onto Taobao for me. 

Evidence of spring! kowhai flowers magnolia and blossoms. Just no sun..

Owen’s deep pink magnolia blooms and blossoms on Kapiti coast. 

My stitched response to resist indigo dyed 6 and 8 point flowers. 

Spring show- setting up indigo dyed works as a trial. 

Wool, silk and linen infused with Yunnan Chinese sourced indigo vat. Added my recycled ribbons from Hanae mori collection, an influential 1980s Japanese fashion designer. I love the mix.. the silk will shine on this work if the sun comes along…